Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to create an account and login to use OROWindMap?

A: No, you do not have to create an account and login to view the data layers in OROWindMap and use its basic map viewing functions. However, creating an account and login enables you to use more advanced features, such as the ability to save your own maps and drawings for future reference, and the ability to participate in public and private Groups where you can share those maps and drawings with colleagues.

Q: Why does the formatting on this version of OROWindMap (implemented December 2021) look strange or like it is not loading correctly?

A: If you were a frequent visitor to OROWindMap before the current style was implemented, you may need to clear the cache on your own browser to allow the updated version to load properly. If you are not sure how to do this or still experience formatting issues after you have cleared your cache, please contact the West Coast Ocean Data Portal via the ‘Provide Feedback’ link at the bottom of the screen.

Q: Is it possible to access all the layers in OROWindMap so that I can view them in my desktop version of ArcGIS along with my own proprietary data layers?

A: All layers in OROWindMap are accessible via the internet. The West Coast Ocean Data Portal is happy to provide the curated collection of layer files as a zipped download for versions of ArcMap > 10.5. For other GIS software versions, please contact the West Coast Ocean Data Portal to discuss options for access outside of OROWindMap.

Q: I have spatial data that I think is relevant to the offshore wind planning process in Oregon and should be added to OROWindMap for others to use. How do I make this happen?

A: We are happy to review and add additional data layers to OROWindMap if they meet our criteria for inclusion. Data should be spatial in nature and depict coastal and ocean characteristics or human uses, management and potential impacts that are relevant to planning for offshore wind development on Oregon’s Outer Continental Shelf. It is also important that data include standards-compliant metadata. For a full description of criteria, metadata requirements, and options for adding your data to OROWindMap, refer to the Data Sharing for Oregon Offshore Wind Planning Fact Sheet.

Have a question that is not covered here? Contact the West Coast Ocean Data Portal via email or the 'Provide Feedback' link below.