The following videos explain how to navigate and use different functions of OROWindMap. If you would like to go to the OROWindMap Youtube page directly and watch these videos as a playlist, click here.

Introduction to OROWindMap

This video provides a brief overview of how OROWindMap is organized and how you can navigate the site.

Viewing Data Layers & Metadata

This video explains how to turn on and view different data layers together as well as how to access their metadata, source providers and legends.

Creating a Login & using MyPlanner

This video shows users how to create a log-in and use MyPlanner features for 'Map View Bookmarks' and 'Drawings.'

Collaborating with Groups

This video describes how to use the 'Groups' function of OROWindMap in order to collaborate with other ocean users on maps and drawings.

Exploring Sidebar Tools

This video describes how to use the tools on the sidebar of OROWindMap, such as link sharing, linear measurement, area measurement, creating a drawing, and adding additional ArcRest layers.

Using OROWindMap in the Public Comment Process

This video describes how you can use OROWindMap to add a link to a digital map and / or drawing as part of your public comment submission to BOEM.

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