The West Coast Ocean Data Portal serves to connect data providers across the region of Washington, Oregon, and California. Information resources connected through the Portal have been curated into the OROWindMap Planning Tool, a tool to visualize information related to offshore wind planning on the Oregon outer continental shelf. The data records incorporated into the tool are documented on this set of pages. The catalog hierarchy and descriptions for the catalog organizational scheme are derived from the USGS Data Categories for Marine Planning open file report, and have been utilized in the OROWindMap Tool and the Portal Catalog.

Biological Data Resources

Interested in accessing the curated OROWindMap catalog in your own desktop version of ArcGIS?

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal is happy to provide the curated collection of layer files as a zipped download for versions of ArcMap > 10.5. For other GIS software versions, please contact the West Coast Ocean Data Portal to discuss options for access outside of OROWindMap.

Click here to download the OROWindMap layer files for ArcMap versions >10.5