“Bathymetry and Elevation” includes measures of the height of a location above or below a reference surface. Bathymetry is the elevation of the Earth's surface beneath a body of water, especially the ocean, typically determined by measurements of depth from the water surface at mean lower low water.

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  • US Bathymetric Contours, NOAA, 2018
  • 1300 Meter Bathymetry Contour, BOEM, 2020
  • West Coast Bathymetric Slope, BOEM, 2021
  • MultiBeam Echosounder Survey footprints (1998-2019), NOAA, 2020
  • Bathymetry Trackline Surveys, NOAA, 2020
  • Global Earth DEM Hillshade with Natural Colors, NOAA, 2020
  • Undersea Feature Place Names